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The narrative of our Skopje location is at any time a recipe for inspiration, for which you don’t need many ingredients, only passion and smart work. North Macedonia is affirming itself as a place where technical revolutions are sparking change way outside its borders, all thanks to the country’s talented and smart people.  

It's the start of the story of how we became one of the biggest IT companies in North Macedonia, a family of talented and dedicated developers, testers, applications management engineers, business analysts, project managers. They are all working to deliver success by discovering the most innovative digital solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands.  

Experience and ingenuity run through our way of thinking but even so, we are bringing our best selves forward through training programmes, knowledge-sharing experiences, and high-profile conferences. 

Skopje is where we grow on all levels!

Open positions

  • Test Lead - refEU1
    North Macedonia-Skopje

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  • Developer & Full Stack
    North Macedonia-Skopje

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