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Young and energetic is the best way to describe our Pitesti family. Being in the midst of a technological revolution, Pitesti’s fast development is driven in large part by prodigies, juniors and seniors alike, ready to spur positive change. 

These are the grounds on which our family has grown so wonderfully to what it is today. Specialists from development, application management, testing, business analysis, project management and people development & recruitment are now engaging with the latest technologies, all while building strong bonds within our community.  

Like any Endavan, we are committed to achieving technical excellence and constantly share every bit of knowledge that puts us at the front of change. How to tell that? You’ll distinguish our colleagues from Pitesti particularly during Discipline Weeks and Hackathons, as their enthusiasm echoes throughout our locations.  

Their energy also translates into multiple CSR initiatives and events organized for the IT community: Tech Flow events, Graduate Programs, career fairs, and other collaborations with the local university. At the end of the day, we never forget to celebrate together and to acknowledge each of our efforts and contributions.  

Pitesti is where passion drives beautiful friendships!  


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